Manchester Psychological Associates
Manchester Psychological Associates
" serving the mental health needs of Manchester since 1982"

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Serving the Mental Health needs of greater Manchester since 1982. 

Welcome to Manchester Psychological Associates located on the grounds of the Elliot Hospital. We are honored that you have chosen us and will strive to exceed all of your expectations. At our practice we know that it is not just about getting through the storm but developing life skills to survive the next event. We believe in giving our Client's the skills to thrive in all of life and achieve all of their true potential. We believe that life should be lived in the moment and to the fullest and most joyful. Our mission is to each client to accomplish all of their goals in an efficient and scientific basis. We believe that all people have limitless potential which can be developed with the right support, empathy and science. 

We believe that self actualization is a journey and not a destination. We all strive to be better people tomorrow than we are today. We are all works in progress and must strive for perfection and the joy of becoming all we are capable of becoming. On the road to self actualization people become lost or give up due to drugs, alcohol or emotional problems. We are the candle in the darkness to light the true individual path that can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle and support. We are practitioners of positive psychology and focus on strengths not weakness. We focus on strengths instead of weakness. We work on character strengths, optimism, life satisfaction, happiness, well being, gratitude, living in the moment, compassion ( self compassion), self esteem, self confidence, hope and elevation. We are honored that you have chosen our practice to begin the life long journey of self actualization. 



Dr. Laurence Merrill Kelly Sr.

Dr.Kelly received his doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee in 1984. He also holds three Masters Degrees in 1) Counseling  2) School Psychology and 3) Clinical Psychopharmacology. He is also a Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, School Psychologist and Substance Abuse Counselor. He also holds the license as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Substance Abuse Professional and a Nationally Certified Master Addictions Counselor. He has worked in the field of mental health for over forty years. 

Dr. Kelly is a practioner of Positive Psychology and believes in utilizing the following in therapy 1) positive experiences ( like happiness, joy, inspiration and love). 2) positive states and traits ( like gratitude, resilience and compassion). and 3) positive instituitions ( applying positive principles within entire organizations and instituitions).